the chemical brothers, let us build a city, 2015.

Animal collective, floridada, 2016.

jamie xx, 2015.

The chemical brothers, sometimes i feel so deserted, 2015.

pink floyd, another brick in the wall, 1979.

phoenix, alone on christmas day, 2015.

glenn gould

air, surfing on a rocket.

nicolas godin, orca, 2015.

the chemical brothers, go, 2015.

dick dale, misirlou, 2008.

daft punk, even furthur, wisconsin, 1996.

l'art de la fugue !

julian casablancas, human sadness, 2014.

daft punk, harder better stronger, 2007.

the chemical brothers, asleep from day, 1999.

kavinsky, "nightcall", 2010.

Wendy carlos et beethoven, 1972.

Serge gainsbourg, "La noyée", 1972.

daft punk, 2014.

daft punk, homework, "burnin", 1997.

daft punk, emotion, human after all, 2005.

DAFT PUNK, contact, RAM, 2013.

Radiohead, no surprises, 1997.

oren lavie, Her morning elegance.

Brunettes Shoot Blondes, Knock Knock, 2014.

Stromae, "Sommeil", 2014.

ELO, Mr Blue Sky, version 2012.

Les étudiants  de l'Université USC de Californie ont créé un clip vidéo prodigieux pour le  musicien Jeff Lynne et son groupe " Electric Light Orchestra".

Jeff Lynne, "She".

Daft Punk, "Giorgio By Moroder", 2013.

Amy, Amy, Amy...

Beck, "Loser", 1993.

Beck, "Everybody's Gotta Learn Sometime", 2004.